Barbara Signer

Barbara Signer

April 27th - May 1st, 2019
2019年4月27日(土) - 5月1日(水)

Barbara Signer
Barbara Signer (b.1982) works and lives in St.Gallen and Zurich.
In her work she deal with reality. It is a reality which is formed by multiple layers of meaning and relations between and among beings and things. A place between fact and fiction.

“I don't actually know what I'm doing” she said, looking at a picture of Sumida River with wooden trunks floating in it.
It was a woodblock print by Ishii Hakutei.

We decided to go to the supermarket around the corner to buy something to eat.
Morie bought two crabs filled with gratin. They were cheap.
It was like mac and cheese in a crab shell. Not much crab though.
An empty bottle with a blue lid was standing on the table.
After we finishe d eating he took the empty crab shells and put them on the bottle.

Aimlessly wandering through Bangkok I came across a Convenience Store.
I wanted to buy something to cure the mosquito bites but instead I found a tamarind snack.
I continued walking around and kept the seeds inside my pocket.

When I visited Sao Paolo last year I was staying in an apartment at Edificio Copan, a building by Oscar Niemeyer which has a sinuous facade.
There was a Japanese supermarket nearby.
They were selling watering cans for kids which looked like blue elephants.
I bought one for my friend Jiajia.

Recently I saw an exhibition by Araki.
When he was a kid he had made an elephant from clay that he had taken from the nearby river.
The elephants name was Delon-kun and it had three trunks. Of course there was something sexual about it.

Things are growing. They appear, drift and fade.
It's like if all these things were connected by an invisible thread.
Moving around aimlessly.
And if their ways eventually cross, some kind of magic happens.

“Something is supposed to happen”he said. But things were still calm.
It was like looking into a very deep pond. Like the eight pools near Mount Fuji.
They seem to be connected underneath. A TV crew went diving into the pools to explore them.
But they never reappeared.

「自分が何をしているのか分からない」 と木の幹が浮かぶ隅田川の絵を見ながら彼女は言った。 石井柏亭の版画だ。
近くのスーパーに行って、何か食べるものを買うことにした。 モリエはグラタンを詰めた蟹を2匹買った。安かった。
蟹の甲羅に入ったマカロニチーズのようだ。 蟹はほとんど入ってない。






「きっとなにかが起こるはずだ」 と彼は言った。でも事物は静かだ。
テレビクルーがそれを探そうと池に飛び込んだ。 しかし彼らが再び現れることは無かった。

Images courtesy of mumei, Tokyo
Photographs by Fuyumi Murata