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梅沢英樹/皆藤齋/兼平彦太郎/小林優平/サラ・H・レイノルズ/杉原玲那/ピッパ・シャオヤオ・シュウ/䑓原蓉子/高見澤ゆう/タヌキ/中野泰輔/バーバラ・シグナー/原田光 /배선영(ペ・ソンヨン) /ベンジャミン・エフラティ/ミネ・カラタシュ/村田冬実/室井悠輔/森岡美樹/ユニス・ルック
内容物:本文 153p、バインダー

This concept book was made as the 14th exhibition of mumei which is Tokyo based an artist-run project space.
mumei sent each artists three words randomly selected from a dictionary, and the artists used the words as a trigger to collect and create images. The words and images are linked, but they are edited in such a way that it is not obvious to the viewer which image was created by whom, and the focus is on the individual's interests and perspectives as seen through the images themselves.
Some of the images looks the working process by the artists like snapshots, drawings and there are the created new images as well like a collage, an engraving. There could appear the unique ideas and the contemporary trend of thought by several artists.
Barbara Signer / Benjamin Efrati / Fuyumi Murata / Eunice Luk / Hikaru Harada / Hideki Umezawa / Hikotaro Kanehira / Itsuki Kaito / Mine Karataş / Miki Morioka / Reina Sugihara / Sarah H Reynolds / Sunyoung Bae / Tanuki / Taisuke Nakano / Yoko Daihara / Yuu Takamizawa / Yuhei Kobayashi / Yusuke Muroi / Pippa Xiaoyao Xu
Designed by: Tanuki
Printed by: Watanabe Printing Co., Ltd.  / Tanuki Printing
Bound by Tanuki/mumei
Edited/Planning/Published by: mumei
Limited edition of 50
Published in Japan in October 2021

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